Milfoil – Yarrow – Achillea millefolium

Other names: milfoil, yarrow, sackcloth, flat, novel, romonika.

Description of plants: milfoil or yarrow is upright plant with a height of 80 cm. The stem is light green or red-brown, and It’s with many pinnate leaves. The whole plant has a very pleasant fragrance. Many small leaves are either white or a purple-red. Collect the flowers in inflorescence at the top of the stem. It grows everywhere along the roads and fields in the continental climate, the wild. Blooms with white flowers from June to August. Harvest this unusual herb during the flowering and the leaves up to fall. Botanical name was given to the Greek hero Achilles -Achillea, and shall have the meaning that it gives power. Upper part in flowering plant contains up to one percent essential oil (Pharmacopeia requires a minimum of 0.13%), bitter matter ahilein, flavonoids, vitamin K, resins, stereole, tannins and others. The essential oil of yarrow is obtained by steam distillation and contains pinene, cineol, thujone, camphor, limonene, borneol.,


You can find this herb in all of the Europe. It grows singly or in great company in the meadows and pastures.

Medicinal plant part:

During blooming flowers are collected with short stalks, the whole plant up to 30 cm in length. Because of the huge content of bitter ingredients and essential oils, milfoil is among the bitter remedies. Blossoms throughout the summer. In a form of tea is used to increase appetite, in a stomach discomfort, when bloating and bleeding. In folk medicine is used for wound healing, as hemostyptic and pain relief. Yarrow is a part of the bitter tea, tea for cleaning, increased secretion of bile, safe for the normalization of metabolism and tea depressants. On the outside is used as an anti-inflammatory similar to chamomile, flushing, baths, wraps. Due to the presence of vitamins C gives help with the bleeding and hemorrhoids. When using Yarrow, you should know that to sensitive people can cause allergies. Hence, for people with sensitive skin should only be used by kids, and just the blossoming plants and tea to drink in small amounts.

Herba is collected during the summer months, from June to August, cutting off-peak parts of plants 20-25 inches in length, or is collected only inflorescence length only two centimeters. Cut off parts are connected in series and dried in drafty place, or oven at a temperature of 35-50 ° C. Dry drug has an aromatic odor, bitter and slightly salty taste. Since the stems do not contain medicinal ingredients, then better use only leaves and flower. Therefore, drugs with multiple stems are less appreciated.


The medicinal effect:

Milfoil or yarrow cleans and strengthens the blood and digestive organs.

It is particularly useful for:

  • The treatment of liver,
  • spleen,
  • pancreas,
  • Jaundice,
  • the rush of blood to the head,
  • The Cathars in the intestines and stomach, then cramps,
  • fever, palpitations, pain in bones and back,
  • irregular menstruation,
  • Bleeding and closed hemorrhoids,
  • insomnia,
  • many rashes and ulcers.


Tea of yarrow beneficiary acts and cures chapped hands, vulnerable nipples of nursing moms, as well as in curing rashes on the skin – psoriasis. Often milfoil finds its use in cases of angina pectoris as a tea. To a nervous person is suggested more frequent washing of the whole body with chilled tea from yarrow at morning and evening.

Reduces the difficulties of gout and rheumatism. It is valuable for the treatment of diabetes, particularly in the initial stages. It is very useful in excessive bleeding.

Yarrow belongs to the healing agents that act to their bitter taste in the gastric mucosa, but also encourages the secretion of gastric juice, and thus appetizing.

Yarrow has a beneficial effect on the absorption of food. Medical Products with yarrow, or a mixture of tea, helps with gastritis, colitis, cramps in the stomach and intestines. Potassium, found in the Yarrow helps kidney function and blood circulation, and thus directly affect the functioning of the heart, and finds a successful use in female diseases.

Against Leukemia

The primary purpose of the use of this herb in the fight against leukemia is to improve the blood count. In the starting phase of this severe disease, it is recommended a tea of milfoil, which acts directly on the bone marrow, stimulates the renewal of the blood. Here is how to make the tea: one coffee spoon is pureed with 1/4 l boiled water and drained after a short time. Besides tea, it is recommending a spa with the addition of milfoil – 100g herb overnight is left in cold water, and the next day it is heated while boiled. The liquid is pureed in the water for spa, but should be kept an account on the heart to be above the water, in which the need to stay is 20 minutes. And when finished with the bathtub, you should not wash but just put a bathrobe.

Against wounds

This herb is known not only in folk medicine but also in the conventional medicine as a cure for wounds, but also for various diseases. If someone, in any case, is hurt, first you should clean the wound, and then put freshly accumulated milfoil on it. This medicinal herb can be ready for a cure in the winter, but first, you need to dry it. Mix two palm of flowers and leaves and puree the combination in a glass jar or bottle, then overflowed with oil, it is left closed on the sun for ten days. Afterward, it is drained and stored in dark and cold place, and use it when needed for cleansing wounds. Also, this oil can be utilized as drops on a piece of cotton wool and held as a wrap.

Against liver cancer

Tea from Yarrow is considered to be one of the best medicines against the cancer of the liver – drink at least one cup a day, and particularly in a slug during the day. However, this herb is most effective when used in combination with St. John’s wort and the flower of blackthorn. Mix equal parts of these herbs, and then one spoon of the mix is overflowed with a cup of boiled water. Squeeze it after half an hour, sweet it with honey and drink it three times a day before a meal.

Against cancer of the lungs

Austrian herbalist Maria Treben advised being taken into account four cups of tea a day of Yarrow: overflow one full spoon of the plant with 2dl boiled water and leave it closed for 20 minutes, and then drain it. Also, by hers, recommendations, also should be drank and tea from horsetail, and one cup of it on an empty stomach in the morning, the other cup in the evening, half an hour before dinner. Made this tea in the same way as that of milfoil, and if any pain is to occur into the realm of the lungs during the night should be kept vapor coating of the horsetail.

Balm of milfoil against hemorrhoids

This cream from milfoil, you should apply 2-3 times a day.

Melt 100g pork fat on vapor, then add four spoons of olive oil and handful of flowers from milfoil and mix it for ten minutes. Afterward, it is left to stay overnight. In the sunrise, it is little heated, and it is pressed and add to the mix two spoons of grated bee wax, that mix it at low temperatures while the wax melts completely. While it is still hot, the combination is pureed in glass jars, close the jars when the cream gets cold. Store it in dark and cold place.

Against inflammation of the intestines

Mix two tablespoons of leaves of nettle with, also, two tablespoons of leaves of milfoil and leaves and roots of strawberry, and overflow them with one liter of boiled water. Keep it closed and after two hours squeeze it. Drink the tea throughout the day, if you like to sweeten it with honey.

Beneficial remedy against uterus cancer

Leave 100g of the plant overnight in cold water, and the next day heat it until the water boils. Then it is pureed in the water for spa, which should be enough to reach the level of the kidney, and spa should last for a maximum of 20 minutes. The remedy should be used at least three times a week. Parallel with this, you should drink tea mixture of equal parts of yarrow and marigold. Overflow five flat filled spoons with one and half a liter of boiled water, and after it stays for a half an hour, it is squeezed and drank during the day instead of water.

Herbal Tea therapy that helps in cases of fibroids on uterus

Take this drink for three to six months. It is mixed 20g horsetail, 20g milfoil, and marigold, overflow four spoons of the mix with 7dl of boiled water, leave it for a half an hour. Drain it and drink one cup of the tea three times a day.

Against ovarian cancer

Efficient tea against cancer of the ovaries from yarrow and marigold. Boil in 2 liters of water 300 grams of these herbs, and then you should drink it in a sip.

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