Wild Oregano

If you love Italian food, especially pizza, then you have most certainly many times enjoyed the delicious taste of oregano. This tasty herb contains minerals such as copper, niacin, and beta-carotene, as well as other nutrients.
Many scientific studies have confirmed that this plant has medicinal properties. But lately in the world of health and nutrition people increasingly talk about the oil of oregano.

Why is wild oregano oil so popular?
Research of the US Department of Agriculture showed that oregano has two to three time higher antioxidant activity than other plants – apple as much as 42 times greater, 30 times out of potatoes, orange 12, and four times higher than the blueberry. The oil that is produced from this plant is known as the strongest herbal antiseptic.
What is important to emphasize is that we talk about oil of oregano that is generated from the leaves of wild oregano, and not of the same that we are used to eating with pizza and various Mediterranean dishes. And this marvelous wild oregano can be found at high altitudes (1500-2000 m).

Protect eyesight and hearing
The antioxidant possessions of oregano oil are beneficial for long-term preservation of health. It protects against free radicals and repair damage to cells already. Antioxidants are known to slow the aging process, protects against cancer, prevents loss of vision and hearing loss, neurological disorders and other ailments related to the effects of free radicals

Which oil is best?
The most important thing you need to pay attention when buying oil of wild oregano is Carvacrol quantity, because of it depends the antimicrobial efficiency of oil. It is important to see whether the oil of wild oregano is already diluted, which is very common. If so, that’s less and lasts a shorter period. It is best to buy pure essential oil, organic, without any additives.

Antibacterial properties
Numerous studies have confirmed that oil of oregano is a powerful fighter against infections, a primarily due to an ingredient called Carvacrol. A small dose of oil has an amazing antibacterial accomplishment against more than 25 different species of bacteria.

Oil of Oregano contains oleanolic acid, which is a potent antihistamine and a much more potent antioxidant than Vitamin E. Most commonly used in the cure of allergic reactions, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and gingivitis so that simple inhaling the oregano oil helps with allergies.

Oregano oil actually dismisses a toothache, killing the bacteria that cause pain. Apply the oil directly on/in the infected tooth. A few drops can cure labial herpes, apply it to infected gums with clean fingers, or place a drop on your toothbrush prior to brushing teeth. Regular application will significantly improve the oral health and hygiene. Ulcer in the mouth can be actually removed by gargling oregano oil and water in the mouth or by direct application to a pimple with diluted oil.

Prevents nail fungus and skin
Because of its anti-inflammatory effects, oregano oil has its application in both fungal and bacteriological infections. Just dilute 30 to 50 drops of oregano oil in 100 ml of cooking oil and apply it twice a day with a small amount of oil.

Helps with sport injuries
This oil eases cramps and muscle ache, improves healing of wounds, twists, inflammation of the tendons and the like, and with its anti-inflammatory properties is also a powerful medicine for arthritis.

First aid for bites
Oregano oil can neutralize the poisonous insect bites and is very useful for preventing infections, reducing the inflammation and agony of the stab wounds and bites of animals.

How to use Oil of Oregano?
Recommended dosage is 1 to 4 drops, 3 times a day. That is a total of 12 drops within a day, but in no way should be taken at once. Oil of Oregano has a potent flavor with a distinct taste, and must be diluted with H2O or juice, or to be taken in capsule form, but you cannot use it in pure form.

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