Red Clover – (Trifolium pratense) is a perennial herb that is popular for its positive effects on human health. Red clover has leaves composed of three green oval leaves, with 2 to 3 cm in length, has a very pale exterior, heart-shaped, thick, globular flowers range from light red to purple in color. Flower of red clover is used in many herbal formulas as an aid to ease the symptoms of menopause to women and is known among herbalists as a phytoestrogen herb that is very helpful for establishing and maintaining estrogen balance in women. The extract of red clover contains four isoflavones – genistein, daidzein, biochanin, formononetin. Isoflavones are similar to estrogen in the human body and is therefore recommended for women during menopause as a substitute for hormone therapy. In traditional medicine, red clover is used to improve the function of the immune system and lymph circulation in the body. Red clover is also known as a cleaner of blood and is useful for improving kidney function. Tea made from red clover in European traditional medicine has been used for centuries as an expectorant and antispasmodic with upper respirational tract infections, bronchitis, asthma and the like.

Natural protection from vaginal secretion

Vaginal secretion, or whites, to a woman, is caused many factors. This flow is caused by different inflammation of the uterus, fungal diseases, stress, and it can be a consequent from the use of drugs. Secretion, or whites is normal to woman’s, but in minor volumes, which are increased during the fertile days. Still, if a rise in the amounts of the secretion appears, then you should act. First, you should know that in that case, you can’t use chemical preparations for intimate hygiene. According to scientific research, the use of any kind of soup has an adverse effect on the maintenance of the acidity of the uterus. And warm water and tea from chamomile are recommended for washing and healing, but the tea from red clover is especially useful for the healing of the secretion. Tea from Red clover is made from the flowers, which are dried in the shadow. You can also drink two glasses a day.

A plant for getting pregnant

One of the rear herbs to becoming pregnant is red clover. Because of the high content of vitamins red clover is especially useful for the uterus, while, the high content of the proteins strengthens the whole body. Red clover has a remarkable high concentration of ease adopting Calcium and Magnesium, which relaxes the nerve system and help in getting pregnant, and high mineral content which contains literary every needed mineral for healthy react to the glands in internal secretion and contributes to renew and balance hormonal functions. Vital is the fact that red clover alkalizes the body and balances the acidic alkali levels in the vagina and uterus, which can bring to future pregnancy.

Spartan receipt for healthy bones


Ten spoons of linseed seed, a spoon of a sesame seed, few seeds from gourd and sunflower, three spoons of dry grapes, one kg honey with red clover. Mix it with a wooden spoon until you get a homogeneous mass and store it in glass jars. Take one spoon before meals at least three times a day.

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