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Hypothyroidism symptoms and treatment

What is hypothyroidism – reduced thyroid function

Hypothyroidism to women is a very common metabolic disorder, much more often than to men. Reduced function of the thyroid gland is initiated by a decrease in production of the hormone – thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). Treatment for thyroid disease is carried out by taking permanent synthesized hormones and certain supplements, but more experts emphasize that for the treatment of the thyroid, paramount is proper nutrition, because it plays an important role, perhaps more important than conventional drug therapies. How to identify the disease, which are the symptoms, and what is the right diet with hypothyroidism recommended to patients, find out below:

Hypothyroidism Symptoms

In women, the symptoms of Hypothyroidism is much more common than among the members of the male population. Symptoms are gradually developed and are not as specific nor easily recognizable. Thyroid illness Hypothyroidism is characterized by the fact that the warning signs may come from different organs, and even systems of organs due to the lack of thyroid hormone.

Here are some of the typical symptoms of the disease:

  • Skin peeling, where the skin is very dry and prone to various inflammatory processes (pimples and acne, dermatitis, eczema and many other skin diseases. In winter, it can occur intense itchy skin, almost unbearable.
  • The hair is quite thin, thinning and more declines, there is a possibility to go completely bald.
  • Fluid withholding in the tissues: swollen face, swollen eyelids, the tongue is enlarged, the voice is quite deep, and there is roughness, sore throat is additionally frequent than usual, edema in the lower legs, hearing problems, yellowish skin.
  • Hypothyroidism and despondency: poor concentration, light forgetfulness, slow motor skills, mood swings, irritability, very sleepy, lying in bed longer than usual, depressed mood, psychotic symptoms (hallucinations, paranoia, delusions) – it happened that hypothyroidism was incorrectly diagnosed with a serious mental illness and that patients ended at the psychiatric department.
  • The most common signs of hypothyroidism are lethargic during the day, chronic fatigue and general exhaustion despite average night’s sleep of 7 or more hours. If it lasts for a long time, the sick person is increasingly tense and irritable.
  • What more characterize hypothyroidism, is the slowed metabolism that occurs due to reduced oxygen intake in the tissues of the patient, along with reduced activity of certain enzymes. Patients less tolerate the cold due to slightly lower basal body temperature. Such people sweat less, have slow heart rate – bradycardia, slightly higher levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, the appetite is sometimes reduced, although it may be normal.
  • If the reduced features in the thyroid gland are associated with anemia symptoms of hypothyroidism are far more severe.
  • Hypothyroidism and menstruation – PMS symptoms accompanied with plentiful bleeding during the cycle, in severe cases, infertility, muscle weakness accompanied by cramps, painful joints, unsteady walk, slow wound healing, and there is choking, hypertension and chronic fatigue.

Proper Nutrition In Hypothyroidism

To have a complete insight into the types of foods that help for the recovery of the function to the thyroid gland, along with explanations of how each of the particular ingredients works, we present to you some of the most important postulates for the treatment of hypothyroidism without the use of medications.

I have to be cautious, have my thyroid levels checked, and as long as I do that, I’m fine.

Avoid anti-thyroid foodstuffs

Some of the undisputed healthy foods, such as soybeans and products of it, act counterproductively in the treatment of hypothyroidism. Soy is plentiful in estrogen, a hormone verified to block the creation of thyroid hormones. Polyunsaturated fats (green vegetables, vegetable oils, fish, seeds, nuts,) also negatively affect the thyroid disease as hypothyroidism. And being very beneficial for health, they decrease thyroid function on almost all levels. Firstly, these fat interrupt the secretion of thyroid hormones, after that blocks their transmission through the bloodstream and, ultimately, prevent the cells to utilize them properly.

Hypothyroidism and Food – Eat More Fat

Fat is unwarranted with negative criticism, based on scientific studies of half a century ago, whose results are misplaced, while the number of positive findings of recent studies and even not mentioned. One of the biggest benefits of saturated fats, for which they should be represented in the diet in the case of hypothyroidism, is that they help to neutralize the toxic effects of polyunsaturated fats. It also improves insulin action (reaction of the organism to this hormone), which contributes to maintaining a stable blood glucose and reduce the level of stress hormones. Or else, raised levels of stress hormones is one of the numerous causes of hypothyroidism. Though, one must be careful when the fat originates from animal fats. Since livestock nourishes mainly on corn, soybeans, and other foods that are rich in polyunsaturated fats in their meat creates a lot of such fats. To evade this, it is necessary to choose fat derived from animals fed with grass and to eat butter and coconut oil.

Hypothyroidism Therapy with FRUITS

Fruit could be the basis of food which regulates the thyroid gland. For starters, most of the fruit is wealthy in potassium, which is highly critical for the control of blood sugar levels. Potassium decreases the need for production of insulin, and this helps in the long run to maintain stable blood glucose levels. Good Glyco-regulation automatically reduces the production of stress hormones. However, some fruits should be avoided. Avocado is one of them, because of the high content of unsaturated fats.

Increase the intake quantity of salt – (hypothyroidism diet)

A negative reputation accompanies salt, but it is much more important and useful than you believe, specifically when it comes to proper nutrition with hypothyroidism. Table salt (sodium chloride) is crucial for the performance of many functions of the body – for instance, for optimum control of blood pressure. When it comes to the slow function of the thyroid gland, one of the typical symptoms of this dysfunction is edema, which occurs because the cells are taking more water than necessary ā€œ(fluid retention in the cells).ā€ When the water is utilized, the cells lose their salt, which is then excreted through the urine. Low level of salt in the body slows down metabolism and raises the level of stress hormones. Finally, due to elevated levels of stress hormones, decreased function of the thyroid gland slows down further. Since salt is the crucial source of sodium chloride, it is quite logical that in the diet of the person who suffers from hypothyroidism salt must be represented in the optimal amount. Because of this, many people need more salt than they assume.

Soup of bovine bone is a natural remedy for hypothyroidism

Most folks havenā€™t even heard or know what the soup of bones is, much less for them is a known fact that this is one of the best sources of protein, although this kind of soup used to be standard in the diet, now it is rarely to be found in family menus. However, because of the extremely high content of valuable -nutrition matter in the bone marrow, and above all, the combination of useful amino acids (anti-inflammatory effect), which are absent in other meat sources, such soup should be represented in the diet of people who have problems with the thyroid gland, especially if there are already symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism diet rich with seafood

Members of the peoples whose diet is based on fish and seafood very rarely suffer from diseases of the thyroid gland – hypothyroidism there is very rarely diagnosed. Why? Because the fish, especially seafood, are an excellent source of thyroid hormones, which are rarely present in other foods. It is, therefore, important that the thyroid hormones are present in food. Another advantage of seafood is the fact that they are an excellent source of selenium, which is one of the basic materials necessary for the conversion of the inactive T4 hormone to the active T3 hormone in the liver.

Dodge processed foods

All kinds of food recommended for natural remedy of hypothyroidism dismiss processed foods. The industrial food contains various accessories, as well as material created during the manufacturing process, which impairs the level of blood glucose. This then disrupts the creation of insulin (the body produces extra quantities), and the end result is low blood sugar. The consequence of this is the rising of levels of the stress hormone – in an attempt to glucose levels return to normal. Due to decomposition of a large amount of additive in processed food, the liver is increased to work, which disrupts its function of converting the inactive thyroid hormone into an active form.

Cooked vegetables and hypothyroidism

Food, specially vegetables, is imperative for the treatment of diseases as hypothyroidism to the thyroid gland. Even though it is true that raw vegetables contain more nutrients, this is not about what you consume, but it is about the way the body digest and use that. Since raw vegetables are very poorly absorbed, the body use much fewer nutrients than from cooked vegetables. In addition, during the cooking process, it is easier to break down plant fibers and nutrients which are better exploited. Otherwise, the undigested fiber from raw vegetables may serve as food for harmful bacteria in the digestive system, disrupting its function and adversely despondent on the work of the thyroid gland.

Do not exaggerate with H2O

Due to the many recommendations of specialists, a lot of people believe that every day should drink eight glasses of water, even more. Nevertheless, it is well-known that thyroid Hypothyroidism causes retaining of fluid in the tissues. Does it make sense to drink significant amounts of water when the body fights with excess fluid? No! Consuming large quantities of water also causes a further drop in the level of salt in the body, which adversely affects the thyroid gland. Best parameter for the actual need for water is thirst. Of course, those are the level of physical activity (sweating) and air temperature. Optimal water demand depends on many factors, but thirst is always the best indicator.

Hypothyroidism and Pregnancy – low-level necessary thyroid hormones can impair the health of pregnant women and even babies. Before taking any treatment, demanded are consultation with the endocrinologist and gynecologist.

If you come this far reading then you should most certainly read more about a Natural Remedies Receips for the Hypothyroidism:

  • A tincture from Japanese Apple
    Squeeze the juice of one Japanese apple and mix it with 70% alcohol. On 200ml juice put 40ml of alcohol. Take one coffee spoon three times daily before meals.
  • Tincture from Hawthorn
    Excellent in the fight against Hypothyroidism, two spoons of hawthorn flowers pour with half a liter 20% alcohol and leave it to stay for 40 days. Drink this tincture four times daily for a maximum of 30 drops each time.
  • Valeriana
    A spoon of Valeriana is poured with 200ml boiled water and left to cool for two hours. Take two spoons at least five times a day.
  • Lemon
    This fruit is an excellent cure for Hypothyroidism, use one lemon washed really good, best in a solution of baking soda, then grind it together with the bark and mix it with honey. Take one spoon three times a day.
  • Cranberry and Bilberry
    Simply mix 20g of apiece cranberry and bilberry, press them and pour 500ml of brandy. Leave it six days on a dark place, after that squeeze it. During the first month of the healing take one teaspoon few minutes after a meal. Make a break for fifteen days then repeat the treatment. The treatment should last for a total of six months.
  • A powerful Trio
    Take 20g of bilberry, dog rose and 10g dandelion leaves. (read more about Dandelion here) Press the bilberry and dog rose and chop the dandelion leaves and on all mixture pour 250ml brandy or vodka. Close it in a jar and leave it for a week on a dark and cold place. Take it for about a week three times a day, take one small coffee spoon of this tincture mixed with a little water. Do a break for a week and then repeat the treatment.
  • Ginseng and Linseed oilMix 10g of ginseng and 200ml of linseed oil, then add 200ml brandy and close all mixture in a jar and leave it one week on a dark and cold place, then squeeze it. Take it for fifteen days, twice daily, one small coffee spoon of this tincture, mixed with half a cup of water, one hour before a meal.
  • Pine needles and wild raspberryMix three spoons of smashed young pine needles, two spoons of chopped dog rose, four spoons of the peel of onion and two spoons of wild raspberry leaves. All this leave it during the night poured with a liter of boiled water, and squeeze it in the morning. In the beginning, drink half a liter daily instead of water, then gradually increase the dosage to one liter a day. Moreover, to heal permanently from this disease, it is necessary to maintain the therapy for three to six months.
  • Elixir for thyroid glandMix one cup of juice of carrots, black radish, and beet, add a cup of liquid honey and mix it. Pour the mixture into a jar, add one liter of brandy, close it and leave it for fourteen days in a fridge, with occasional mixing. After the 14 days pour the liquid part into a clean jar and dump the grout. Take 30g of this elixir three times a day, half an hour before a meal.
  • OatsA spoon of oats is boiled half an hour in three cups of water, squeeze it and drink it one cup three times a day. Use this tea always freshly made.
  • Mint and HopsMix two parts of mint, one part a root of Valeriana and one part hop cones, and after that two spoons of the mixture pour with two cups of boiled water. Leave the tea closed for half an hour. Drink half a cup three times daily, during the whole month.
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