Marigold is a one year branched herb with a strong aroma, grows up to half a meter in height.

Ancient Greeks used this herb for nerve anxiety and insomnia.

The whole plant can be use as a cure. Thanks to its constitution, marigold serves for a wide variety of diseases.

It is very rich with flavonoids and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Besides, contains tannins, sugars, proteins, carotenoids, glycosides, Saponins, chlorophyll and etheric oils, as well Vitamin A, bitter substances, minerals potassium and sulfur, resin and organic acid, as apple cedar and salicylic.

Protects from breast cancer

Results from the research done at the University of Washington shown that marigold helps in the treatment of cancer.

Antioxidants in this plant protect from the act of the free radicals and assist in the prevention and healing from cancer.

Scientists confirmed that lutein in marigold helps for treatment breast cancer, and besides that, protects the healthy cells from this illness.

Even small amounts from this antioxidant in the diet have positive act on the health.

Also, with research is confirmed that helps against cancer of the colon and skin and leukemia.

For healthy eyes

In the folk medicine marigold has extensive use for the health of the eyes. Because it is rich in flavonoids, as with plant mucus and carotenes,

Marigold acts calmly on the eyes. Thanks to that, it softens the symptoms to conjunctivitis and irritation of the eye and especially itch.

The significant amounts of lutein protect the eye from the unhealthy factors of the environment and the free radicals because it acts as a filter of the sunlight by absorbing the dangerous UV-rays.

Also, lowers the risk of degeneration of the eye, stops development of green net and counts as a protector of the retina.

Research’s shown that consuming marigold helps in the healing of the people that have cataract and glaucoma.

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Protects the blood vessels

This medicinal herb encourages the work of the organs for digesting. And because it is a natural antispasmodic, calms the cramps in bowels, belly, and smooth muscles, and plus it heals the wounds on the stomach and duodenum.

Beneficially acts on the work of the liver and gallbladder. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the flavonoids, marigold calms the inflammation of the colon. Also, encourages the expel of the toxins from the organism and it is ideal for a detox.

Marigold also has a beneficial work to the blood vessels – it relaxes them, raises the lumens and lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. Many research’s shown that this plant reduces the blood pressure and acts mildly sedative, and helps in cases of angina pectoris.

Balm for the skin

Research taken at University “Maryland” shown that a tincture of marigold helps with burns. Also, this plant is used in wounds in cases with frost. Because of the pro-Vitamin, A marigold is of great help during the treatment of psoriasis, as with eczema and dandruff eczema. It promotes the creation of new cells, removes the pus discharge and stops the purulent of the nail root. Also is very efficient in healing fungal, especially candida.


Tincture of marigold

Flowers of marigold are purred with alcohol or olive oil in ratio 1:5 and left for three weeks with occasional shaking in a closed jar.

Afterward, squeeze it and use it every day on the problematic spots.

Use tincture of Marigold for bedsore and the alcoholic one for inflammations.

Balm for varicose veins

Warm a half a kilo of pig fat on a quiet fire. Add two hands of fresh marigold flowers and one hand of dried green, prickly flakes from a wild chestnut. It is left to get bubbles, then it is removed from the fire and is mixed five minutes. Closed is left in a cold place for 24 hours. After that, put it on a steady fire, and continuously mix it, until it is molten, after is squeezed through a sterile gauze and is purred in a jar. Keep it in the dark and dry place. Veins are spread with the balm every night, from down to up.

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