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Is life worth living? It all depends on the liver.

The best Natural cures and Home made remedies that cure liver cancer!

Celandine and Clubmoss can help in healing!

Illnesses of the liver should not be considered lightly – no matter of the kind of the disease mandatory is to follow the strict therapy that your doctor prescribed. Moreover, if you do not follow, it can develop a malignant tumor of the liver, because it is in charge for detoxication of toxic materials, manufacturing of the proteins and enzymes, secretion of the bile, as also for storing vitamins, iron, and useful sugars. If cancer starts to develop only in the liver , the most common is a hepatocellular carcinoma, which becomes by uncontrolled multiplying of the hepatocytes. Still, tumors of the liver most often appear as a metastasis of cancer on other organs.

My life has been long, and believing that life loves the liver of it, I have dared to try many things, sometimes trembling, but daring still.

Losing weight as an alarm

The risk of liver cancer raises with the prolonged yearly consume alcohol, and overweight is good for cancer. If cancer is developed, symptoms in early stage most often are absent. Signs that something is not all right can be a sudden loss of weight, low appetite, upper abdominal pain, as also nausea and vomiting. Also, a general weakness and tiredness appear, as well as abdominal swelling, yellow staining of your skin and in the whites of your eyes. If you have any of the symptoms above, then mandatory is a visit to the doctor, where with a blood test, CT-scans, magnetic resonance or biopsy of the liver will determine if a cancer is developed. If you have such diagnose, besides doctors prescribed therapy for healing you can use this marvelous medicinal herbs.

Clubmoss and Calamus

Tea made of clubmoss is most effective if the cancer is found in early stage. Three to four spoons of the dried herb is to be poured with one liter of boiled water, leave it closed for two hours and then squeeze it. In the morning on an empty stomach drink 200ml tea, and drink the rest during the day. You can sweeten the tea with honey, best if made from Buckwheat. Famous herbalist Marija Treben besides the clubmoss tea, recommends two-three cups nettle tea daily, as well as 6 sips calamus tea, to prepare the calamus tea use one flat small spoon of the root previously chopped and leave it to stay overnight in 250ml cold water. In the morning heat it and squeeze it, and before use warm up the tea by putting it in a pot with hot water.

I have a very nice article about Calamus! you can read all about it here!


Healing with horsetail lining

Herbalist Treben recommends keeping the steam lining of horsetail on the part where the liver is, and that in the morning and afternoon two hours lying in bed as well as during the whole night. Linings are prepared in that way that a handful of the horsetail is put in a sieve, that is attached above the pot with water that boils. When the herbs get soft, it should be wrapped in a cotton fabric which is then put in the painful place. Treben also advises using lining with Sweden bitter. Gauze is wetted with the liquid and put on the place, then it is covered with a dry gauze, plastic foil and bandage.

Juice of vegetable and tea of sage

Certain phytotherapist suggest that liver cancer is cured with vegetable juice. Put in Juicer 300g of beet, 100g carrots, 100g celery, 30g black radish and 1 potato average size. This amount juice is drunk during the day for three weeks. At the same time, 1-2 spoons of dried sage are poured into half a liter boiled water and are boiled for three minutes. Then is added a little mint, St John’s wort and lemon balm, then leave the tea closed for ten minutes and squeeze and drink it during the day.

Image of Celandine Herb

Celandine plant in it's natural habitat

Celandine and propolis as allies

Celandine for ages is used against illnesses of the liver, and the tea is made like this: one coffee spoon leave and flower of celandine is poured into a cup of boiled water. After it stands for ten minutes, squeeze it and drink it a cup three times a day, during three weeks. Celandine is more efficient if 20g leave and flower are mixed with 20g of mountain germander (Teucrium Montanum) and 15g of lemon balm, mint, and cranesbill. Three spoons of the mix are poured with 1/2l boiled water, and after it stands for two hours, drink one cup three times daily before meals. During the duration of the treatment, you can take propolis, which by the latest researches can help in the fight against malignant illnesses. Consume it in pure form 5 to 7g three times daily before meals.

Confront cancer with mushrooms

Parasitic mushroom Chaga grows on the bark of birch tree and with the look reminds of a coaled bark of a tree. Researches have shown that most healing is the one that grows in Siberia. Chaga is used against inflammation, cardiovascular and bone joints difficulties, and is considered for a great ally in the battle against cancer of the liver, but also against other forms of cancer. The cure is made like this: Half a kilo of Chaga mushroom are grinded and mixed with half a liter water. After it stays for 48 hours, it is squeezed through a medical gaze. Take half a cup from the liquid three times a day before the meal, and recommended treatment is at least two months.

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Yarrow is a precious cure

Yarrow tea is considered as one of the best cures for the liver cancer – tea should be drunk at least one cup daily, and in small sips during the day. However, this herb is best if used in combination with St John’s wort and with blackthorn. Equal parts of this plants are joined, then a spoon of the mixture is poured into a cup of boiled water. Squeeze it after half an hour, sweeten it with honey and drink it three times in a day before a meal.

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