How cold wraps, onion, apple cedar vinegar and common nettle proved to be very efficient in stopping the nosebleed.

Bleeding from the nose, in medicine known as epistaxis or nosebleed, is a very common problem. The inner side of the nose is filled with tiny capillaries and is one of the most sensitive parts of the organism. When these blood vessels are damaged, blood flows from one or both nostrils. Bleeding can be stronger or weaker and can last from few seconds and up to 10 minutes. Sometimes side effects appear, like vertigo, weakness, confusion and faint. Most common reason is the dry air, which dries out the mucous membrane of the nose. Another reason is from a too often blowing of the nose, exposure to active chemicals, allergic reactions, injury of the nose, often sneezing, heat, very high altitude, severe scraping, too much alcohol and cigars or large amounts of aspirin. It can also be a consequence of a lack of sodium in the body, hormone changes during the pregnancy, respiratory infections, and high blood pressure. When your nose begins to bleed, attempt some of this suggestions.

Squeeze the nose

You will easier stop the bleeding with simple compression of the nose. On that way the nose sends pressure on the place that bleeds in the nostrils, that makes the bleeding cease immediately. Seat straight with the head slightly bowed forward. With the thumb and the index finger squeeze the meaty part of the nose. Stay in that position 5-10 minutes and breathe trough the mouth. Slowly release the pressure of the grip and seat calmly for another five minutes. If it is necessary, repeat this until the blood stop to flow.

Cold coating

     Cold stimulates the blood vessels faster to restrain and to slow the flow of blood. Cold will stop the bleeding in a few minutes. Roll several ice cubes in a rag. Seat straight and slightly lean the head back. Keep the coat on the nose 5-10 minutes. Do not position the ice straight on the nose.

Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar from apples protects the body from losing too much blood and closes the damaged blood vessels. A piece of cotton wool wet in the vinegar and effortlessly put it in the nostril. Leave it inside at least 10 minutes and the bleeding will stop.


Onion is a great coagulation substance, very efficient in stopping the bleeding. The aroma, the evaporation from the onion helps in clotting of the blood. Cut one onion in big circles, so one ring put under the nose, breathe from the aroma and the bleeding will stop in a few minutes.

Common nettle

Nettle impel the clotting of the blood and stops the bleeding, but also strengthens the capillaries and removes the allergies that cause bleeding of the nose. To halt the bleeding, breathe a leave from nettle in powder. Also, from the leaves of nettle, you can squeeze juice, and you can drop few drops in the nostrils, and the bleeding will stop.


The calm and the cooling act of the coriander stops the bleeding in very short time. Because this plant is a natural antihistamine, also helps in the fight against allergies that are causing bleeding from the nose. Few drops of oil or juice from coriander into the nose will stop the bleeding very fast.


Chew leaves from basil it will relax your body, and the bleeding will stop. Also, you can squeeze juice from fresh basil and in each nostril, you can drop two drops.

Cayenne pepper

A nosebleed can stop cayenne pepper, which acts as a stimulant of the cells and regulates the blood pressure. Which means that it lowers the pressure in the spot that bleeds, and applies a fast coagulation. One spoon of cayenne pepper in powder mix with warm water, drink it, and the bleeding will soon stop. Folks that has the problem of bleeding nose should regularly use this spice in the diet.

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