Instead of industrial preparation, you can solve troubles on your scalp with the help of narrow-leaved tea-tree, lemon, and garlic.

The appearance of dandruff on the top of the head can be caused by seborrhoeic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or fungal. In the composition of the shampoos that are recommended are substances that acts on bacteria and the fungal, as well as those that speed up the removal of the dead cells from the surface of the scalp. However, besides the industrial, this problem can solve various natural preparations. Oiled hair, also as the oiled skin on the face, arises through overflowed secretion of the sebaceous glands, which are at the root of the hair follicles and lubricate sebum that protects the hair making it soft and shine. Enhanced lubrication of the sebaceous glands can be caused by a hormonal disbalance, climate changes or stress, and should be taken into consideration the genetic factor. To solve this problem, we can apply some tricks. Above all, the regenerator apply only to the ends of the hair. The crown of the head now has enough oily matter, and there is no need to burden it with more. Also, don’t wash your hair excessively, because you are removing with it the natural oils, that skin will try to fulfill with more secretion. However, if the hair already after one day looks too oily, apply on the top of the head a baby powder and massage it, baby powder will collect the extra oil, and the hair will look as just washed. Also, to stop the excess secretion of oil on the top of the head, try some of the natural preparations that you can prepare yourself at home.

Narrow-leaved Paperbark (Melaleuca alternifolia)

The oil from the narrow-leaved tea-tree (as commonly known) is one of the most famous natural preparations that acts antifungal. Exactly because of that fact very often is added to the preparations and shampoo against dandruff, as in the creams for healing fungal infections. To successfully deal with dandruff, only add few drops of this oil into your shampoo and regularly was your hair. If possible do not wash your hair at the same moment, but leave it to act for a few minutes. Also, you can prepare a preparation that will enhance this effect: in 200ml warm water pours ten drops of etheric oil from narrow-leaved tea tree and eucalyptus. Mix it and use it for washing off the top of the head after the washing of the hair.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is also very famous as very efficient against dandruff. It raises the acidity of the hair at the top of the head, which adverse the growth of the fungal. To make effective remedy against dandruff, mix a quarter cup of apple vinegar with a quarter cup water, pour it in a bottle with a pump and spray the scalp. Leave it to act one hour, then wash your hair in the usual way. Also another preparation for this problem you can make by adding a handful of mint to the previous receipt. Use this mixture after the washing of the hair and for the crown of the head.


Known after its antimicrobic act, its excellent ally in the fight against dandruff. Mix a quarter of a cup olive oil with two pieces of garlic and two branches with leaves from parsley, and all that mix with a blender. Apply this mixture on the scalp and massage it. Wrap the hair with a bag or plastic foil, cover it with a towel and leave it to perform at least half an hour. Then wash your hair. Although it is very effective, the wicked side is the smell of the garlic that stays even after several washings of the hair.

Coconut oil

Lately, the coconut oil is recommended for care of the skin and hair more than any other oil because of the rich nutrients in it. Oily acids that are plenty in this oil has shown great in the fight against dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis, and with the regular treatment, you can successfully solve this problem. Apply it to all of your hair and leave it to act overnight. In the morning wash your hair. Coconut oil gets in the hair and speeds up the healing, making the hair soft and smooth.


Lemon collects the pores and in that way stops the secretion of oils. Also, is abound with fruit acids, which removes the dead cells from the surface of the skin and prevents the making of dandruff. Squeeze juice from two lemons and add a cup of warm water. This mixture pour it on the hair on the top of the head and massage it ten minutes. Then leave it to act for another ten minutes and wash your hair with warm water and soft shampoo. Twice a month is enough for this treatment. While applying watch not to touch the eyes.

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