Eyebright and chamomile are most efficient against Conjunctivitis, known as the disease of red eyes, Conjunctivitis is one of the most frequent problems in relation with eyes. It is the smooth, transparent and shine mucosa tissue of the eye, which covers the surface of the eye and its inner side of the eyelid.

Inflammation of mucous membrane in the eyes most commonly is cured with balms or drops, but should not be used without consulting an ophthalmologist. Medicinal plants can help in reduction of the inflammations.

Conjunctivitis usually occurs in both eyes although, in the beginning, it can infect only one, in most cases in a few days infection is also spread on the other eye as well. Although mainly it is not considered like a serious illness, conjunctivitis causes an unpleasant feeling of the presence of a foreign object in the eye. Conjunctivitis also is contagious if a virus causes it, easily it is spread through a physical contact in particular between the children, so the stay in groups in the kinder garden or schools is excellent for the spreading of the infection. Beside the characteristic redness and the unpleasant feeling, conjunctivitis mostly is followed by a rash, intense tearing of the eyes and swollen eyelids. If it is an infection with a bacterial origin, usually is followed with a secretion of a green-yellow mucus, that along the sleep glues the eyelids, and in the morning complicates the opening of the eyes.

Should you visit a doctor?

With regards on that, the treatment of conjunctivitis depends on its reason, compulsory consultation with an ophthalmologist is needed, especially because the infection of the mucus, how naïve it may look, can cause severe harm to the eye if you do not treat it in an adequate way. You should not use any balms on your hand. During the treatment, it is suggested wearing a sunglasses during the stay outside, because with sunglasses you protect the eyes from dirt and other harmful impacts, as UV-rays, which can cause infection and also can worsen the condition.

It is not always contagious

The reason for conjunctivitis can also be allergies, mostly to pollen, cosmetics, animal hairs or dust, by which follows rashes and redness and a presence of a foreign object in the eye but not with a secretion of a sticky mucus. And in the difference between a virus and bacterial conjunctivitis allergical is not contagious. Conjunctivitis can especially be troublesome for people that use contact lenses because they can additionally irritate already infected eye. Because of that contact lenses should be removed from the first signs of conjunctivitis, and a visit to an ophthalmologist is required. When you have conjunctivitis, you should improve your immune system, and experts recommend supplements based on zinc and Vitamin C, and can enter it with the diet – fresh fruit and vegetables are full of vitamins, and zinc you can find in meat, mushrooms, spinach and the seeds of a pumpkin.

Eyebright and Chamomile most efficient

Before any treatment, you should wash your hands to avoid any new infections. You can drink herbal teas, and you can administer them topically but not without a consultation with a doctor or a phytotherapist, because the use of drugs often excludes the use of plants and vice versa. Against conjunctivitis most efficient is eyebright grass (Euphrasia Officinalis).

You can make tea for washing of the eyes in that way that you pour a spoon of the herb with 2.5 dl cold water and then heated to boiling. Eyebright is especially efficient if you mix it with the same amount of chamomile, which has anti inflamed and antibacterial properties. You overflow the mixture with 2.5 dl water, and you wash the eyes with cold tea several times a day. It can help also washing of the eyes with a root of comfrey, but also with a mixture of a spoon of lukewarm water and few drops of honey – but be careful not to irritate the eyes.

Raspberry and marshmallow can help

If you breed raspberry, harvest little leaves of this tasty fruit and mix it with an equal amount of marshmallow. Take 25g mixture and overflow it with 7dl of boiled water. Then boil it until 2/3 evaporate. When the tea gets cold, filtrate it and use it several times a day for washing the eyes. You can consume green tea and use it also for cleaning the eyes what will soften the redness and the rash.

You can try with wraps from apples

Beat conjunctivitis with cold wraps – keep them on the eye 3-4 times daily for 15 minutes, and use one cover only once – do not use it multiple times especially if it is a virus conjunctivitis. Many sources recommend covers from apples – blend one apple and keep the lid with it at least half an hour on the delicate eye. The same counts with the wraps from a red potato.

Tincture of elder (Sambucus nigra) is excellent ally

One of the best allies in the fight against conjunctivitis is the tincture of elder. Here is how you make it: a bottle with the wide neck is filled with fresh flowers from this plant and is kept in the sun for 2-3 weeks, while on the bottom is sediment with black liquid. Squeeze the liquid trough a clean tower and mix it with the same amount of 96 percent alcohol. Before the use of the mixture you should shake it well, and then you put few drops on a gauze that you keep on the eye overnight. In the morning eyes are obligatory washed with cold tea from chamomile. The flower from an elder is especially efficient if in equal parts is mixed with chamomile, rose leaves and sweet woodruff (Asperula odorata). Overflow a spoon of the mixture with 5dl of boiled water. After it stays 15 minutes away from the heater, tea is squeezed, and you should drink three cups a day, and use the rest of the liquid for washing of the eyes.

drops on grass

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